Payment Options:

Malevikfind acknowledges all major credit cards including Visa,
MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We additionally acknowledge installment by
means of PayPal.

Billing and Shipping Address should be same:

The billing and shipping address must be a similar address for all
orders. We can just ship to the address that your credit card bill is sent to.

We likewise require that your address be on document with our merchant
address confirmation system. Our merchant system won’t process your order, on the off
chance that we can’t confirm that billing address matches with credit card, you are
utilizing to buy. On the off chance that you get a mistake when preparing your order
that says: “The address gave does not coordinate billing address of cardholder”, at that
point we prescribe attempting to look at with PayPal. This strategy for installment may
work better or you may contact bank/credit card Company and let them realize that you
are attempting to make a buy with an organization in the US that uses an address
confirmation system.

Let them know you would like to make your address available to verify.
In any case, this may take longer and require significantly more exertion than simply
looking at with PayPal.

On the off chance that we are uncertain about the legitimacy of your
request, regardless of the possibility that you live in one of the country recorded on
page we ship around the world, we may contact and request that you give ID before
continuing request and proceeding your order. We seek you comprehend this is after both,
your security and our own.


We might have the capacity to make an exception on the off chance that
you can give both of the accompanying.

1. A filtered email or readable faxed duplicate of
the credit card you might want to use to make the buy.

2. A filtered email or readable faxed duplicate of
your ID. The name on the ID must match the name on the credit card.